COVID-19 Update
Our walk-in centres in Hertford and Enfield are now OPEN!
We are currently NOT offering a Free Collection Service, but you can always visit us or post your gizmos to us.
See you soon!


Posting Instructions


Place your gizmo in its original box - if you still have it, bubble-wrap it, package it securely so that it is padded and cannot move about.

If you don’t have your original box, don’t worry. Just bubble-wrap your gizmo, package it securely so that it is padded and cannot move about.

Write your Sender details on the outside of your package. Please include a note of your Order Number and Details with your Gizmo so we can identify you.
Post to:

Walk-in Option

Pop in to any of the following walk-in centres. Please note: We only make payments online. We do not give cash over the counter. You will still need to register with us online.

14 Southbury Road
London, EN1 1YT
United Kingdom

13A Bull Plain
Hertford, SG14 1DX
United Kingdom

Special Note:
Please remove any memory card from your gizmo. We DO NOT need memory card(s) in your gizmo(s). 
Please remove the SIM from your gizmo(s) before you post it to us. We DO NOT accept any responsibility for any charges incurred on your SIM after you send your gizmo to us. You will continue to be responsible for the charges. Please remove any data in your gizmo before you send it to us. Please also remove any cloud accounts (iCloud, Google, Huawei etc) before you hand over your gizmo to us or send it to us. We DO NOT accept any responsibility for any loss that may occur or any breach of your personal information as a result of any stored data in your gizmo (see DATA DELETE TOOL).

For selected gizmos, we pay extra for the original box with matching IMEI. The original box of the gizmo(s) must have a matching IMEI. We do not pay if the IMEI does not match.