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As gizmos keep improving, it is only natural to want to upgrade to keep up with the latest technology. But all those yummy upgrades have an ugly downside: waste. Electronic waste is the bane of the modern age. As product life spans get shorter, the quantities of e-waste get bigger.

At WeBuyGizmos, we believe that re-using gizmos is the best way of recycling them. Gizmos which all too rapidly become obsolete at the top of the market can go on being useful. Re-use them instead of letting them languish in a cupboard or getting dumped in landfill. You can sell off your unwanted gizmo, prolong its life and help the environment - all in one.

What We believe in

WeBuyGizmos is a company that believes in doing something for the future of our planet and for our future generations. Tomorrow's world lies in the hands of today’s children so we will invest in them. On every completed order, we promise to donate £1 to a registered charity for children living in poverty in the UK.

Our motto: re-use, re-use, re-use

We want to make sure you get to keep up with the latest technology whilst at the same time feeling good about the environment and your own pocket: a complete win-win equation.