We are a group of young IT professionals keen to offer you a streamlined service and the best deal going. We are fast, friendly and competitive.

Having an IT background gives us a special insight into how technology is trending. We are equipped to understand changes as they happen. A gizmo is not just used for making calls or sending SMS - according to the latest survey, gizmos are mostly used for internet, social media, music, games, emails, films, books, photographs and much more. Since a gizmo performs so many functions, it's only natural and rational to want to upgrade your old gizmo to keep up with the latest technology.

Our motto: re-use, re-use, re-use


Re-using gizmos is the best way of recycling them. At WeBuyGizmos, we make sure that you get the best price and still feel good about the environment. Gizmos which all too rapidly become obsolete at the top of the market can go on being useful. Re-use them instead of letting them languish in a cupboard or be dumped in landfill.

All those yummy upgrades have an ugly downside: waste. Electronic waste is the bane of the modern age. Many consumers don’t realize they can sell their old gizmos. Britons are hanging on to an estimated £2.7 billion worth of unused gizmos, according to a Telegraph report in 2011. As product life spans get shorter, the quantities of e-waste just get bigger. You can sell off your unwanted gizmo, prolong its life and help the environment. Where we cannot re-use a gizmo, we will send it to a registered recycling company.

We want to make sure you get to keep up with the latest technology whilst at the same time feeling good about the environment and your own pocket: a complete win-win equation.