These Terms & Conditions apply when is used.

Please read our Terms & Conditions. These explain your obligations and rights when you visit this website and/or enter into any contract with us. These Terms & Conditions apply to you as a user of this website. You (the Seller) are bound to agree to them when you place an order for sale or enter into any contract for services or any correspondence with us. If you do not agree with our terms, please leave the website and refrain from pursuing further enquiries. If you are unsure about any aspect of our Terms & Conditions, please contact us.

Please make a copy of these Terms & Conditions for future reference as they are subject to change without notice. We (the Buyer/the Company/We Buy Gizmos Ltd) reserve the right to change our Terms & Conditions at any time. We are under no obligation to notify any change to the Terms & Conditions so please check them every time you enter into any contract with us. We reserve the right to withdraw or modify the website at any point. You accept that you will not hold us liable to yourselves or any third party for any damages deemed to arise from such withdrawal or modification.

The company only deals with customers resident in the UK and will only dispatch and/or receive goods within UK territory.

We do not consider Saturday, Sunday or any public holidays as working days.

Our Website:
The images on our website are for reference only. They may not always show the exact model of the gizmo or gadget in question. We strongly advise you to look at the model number of your gizmo. The prices shown on the website are conditional, not binding. We will only be able to quote you the exact price after we have received and inspected your gizmo. If you are unsure or cannot find a particular model and make of the gizmo on our website, please drop us an email or call us and we will do our best to help.

Before you sell:
You warrant that you are resident in the UK, you are at least 18 years of age and that you are accessing our website within the UK. If you are under 18, you warrant that you have your parent's/guardian's consent to sell your gizmo to us for the sum indicated via our website.
You undertake that you are not involved in any illegal activity and that you are not selling any stolen items. You also confirm that you are not making us break any law by selling this gizmo to us.
You guarantee that the gizmo you are selling to us is yours and you are not selling it to us under any pressure.
You also vouch that you have the sole ownership of the gizmo and no one else is involved in the sale decision.
You will be completely liable for any claim by any third party if you wrongly sell any gizmo to us.
It is your responsibility to delete all personal data from gizmos or other gadgets you intend for sale.

CAUTION: keep your password and username safe at all times and do not divulge them to anyone else. Remember to remove your SIM and memory cards.

Gizmo Network:
We accept locked gizmos to UK networks only. We will only accept gizmos from other countries if they are unlocked.

Sending Your Gizmo to Us

Our free postage is neither insured not tracked. You are liable for any loss or damage to your gizmo during transit. We strongly advise you to send your package by registered or special delivery so you can track it. We also strongly recommend you insure your gizmo. We do not take any responsibility for any loss or damage to your gadget till we receive it.

The gizmo remains your property till we make the payment to you. We reserve the right not to enter into a contract with you at all times.

Time Constraint:
We will pay up to the quoted price shown on the website if we receive the gizmo within 10 working days of our quote depending on the condition of the gizmo. The quoted price may change if we receive the gizmo after that period.

Cooling-off Period:
After receiving your gizmo, we will test it. We will pay the money to your account as soon as possible, usually on the same or the next working day if the price we are willing to pay is the same as that shown on our website. However, if after testing, the price we are willing to pay is less than that indicated, we will send you an email with our revised offer. If we do not receive any reply within 5 working days of our proposal email, we will consider this as an acceptance and transfer the money to your account. 
You have every right to reject the offer made by us in the revised proposal email. In this case, sit tight and we will send the gizmo back to you free of charge.


We will only be able to make payments by direct debit to your account. Your address must be the same as the billing address. We will not be able to make the payment to any other account apart from the one initially provided by you.

Please make sure that you double check your account details and personal details before submitting them to us since any errors will cause delay.

Stolen Gizmos:
We will run a security check on the gizmo when we receive it. If we find out that the gizmo is blocked, stolen or lost we will inform you. You will be given 20 working days to resolve the matter if you believe that the gizmo has been wrongly listed as blocked, stolen or lost. Unfortunately we will not be able to return the gizmo to you or make a payment until the gizmo is no longer black-listed.

If the gizmo remains black-listed after this time, we will hand it over to the appropriate authorities or destroy it. We may also hand over your personal information to the authorities if requested by them.

Please Note: We work with CheckMEND to ensure all gizmos are compliant. We will hold you liable if your gizmo becomes blocked at a later date for any reason and will pass on your details to the appropriate authorities. WE WILL USE DEBT COLLECTORS TO RECOUP OUR LOSSES, IF ANY, AND PASS YOUR DETAILS ON TO THE APPROPRIATE AUTHORITIES IF YOUR PHONE/GADGET IS BLOCKED AT A LATER DATE.

Your statutory rights are not affected by this contract.
A binding contract is formed between you and us once payment is sent by us to you. You will then transfer all rights of ownership to us. You also agree that the contract remains binding as between you and any successors or assignees we may have. You cannot assign or otherwise dispose of a contract, or any part of it without our prior written consent.
We can assign or otherwise dispose of a contract, or any part of it, during the term of the contract.

Condition Guide

Mint Condition Gizmo:
We consider a gizmo to be in mint condition if the gizmo:

  • is as brand new unused
  • is fully operational with no faults whatsoever
  • is unused with no wear and tear
  • has all its original accessories and original packaging

Working Gizmo:
We consider a gizmo to be working if the gizmo:

  • switches on and switches off
  • is intact, has no parts chipped or missing
  • has all its functions in working order
  • has the battery and the battery cover, these are not broken and these are sent with the gizmo
  • the gizmo battery holds the charge
  • all parts of the gizmo are with the gizmo
  • has no software problems in the gizmo
  • LCD is working – ie it is not white or cracked
  • SIM card is not glued in nor any other part glued
  • all parts are genuine
  • has only minor cosmetic issues

Non-working Gizmo:
We consider a gizmo to be non-working if the gizmo:

  • does not switch on and/or switch off
  • LCD is bleeding, has a white line or is cracked
  • touch screen is not working (for touch screen and smart gizmos)
  • is not smashed, crushed, bent or otherwise broken apart
  • is not water/fluid damaged
  • is intact, has no component or part missing
  • has all the original parts available

Beyond Economic Repair:
We consider a gizmo to be beyond economic repair if the gizmo:

  • is crushed or broken apart
  • has components/parts missing
  • has any components/parts glued to the gizmo such as SIM or memory card

Please Note: Each gizmo is different and our technicians will need to assess your gizmo in person. We will name our final price after we have received your gizmo.
For example: Some gizmos are intact and/or in fine working order but have signal issues or the battery does not hold charge. This also applies to water/liquid damage gizmos. In such cases, we may offer you less money than the estimated quote on our website.